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Corlyx sound has slowly evolved with each album they have released, pulling from 80’s post punk, 90’s grunge, and modern Dark Wave, currently signed with Out Of Line Music the duo have added a live bassist to their lineup and plan to tour Europe and USA in 2022, with an appearance at Absolution Festival in Tampa.

Starting from and industrial Dark Electro background the band have found themselves writing more 80's goth inspired tracks, Together Apart released September 15th, Darkwave Post punk meets Alternative. Singer Caitlin has haunting vocals on this records with a flare to 80's pop, and 90’s grunge. She sometimes refers to Corlyx as Death POP.

"I love industrial music, but after two albums I felt I wanted to go in another direction creatively, super happy with our third album, I feel like Corlyx is just getting started”.

Corlyx next full length album “Blood In The Disco” is out Spring 2022 on Out Of Line Music. A mash up of everything they’ve done in the past all combined on one outspoken record, the album features 10 tracks including a collaboration with Massive Ego, and a surprise guest, and a remix by Nero Argento.

Four singles will be released along with music videos leading up to the albums premiere summer 2022.

Brandon Ashley and Caitlin Stokes both co own Corlyx and do all the production, mixing and mastering through their recording studio located in Brighton UK, Dtuned Brighton Productions, available for artist booking and development.

When they are not working on their projects they are working with other artists, music 24/7 for the pair.
Caitlin also does most of the photography and music videos for the band and loves to curate the images and graphic design herself. Everything that is Corlyx is so deeply personal, and it shows.